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While cuffing the suspect, (XXXX), XXXX kicked the suspect twice in the chest and once in the face. In fact, 10 months later on 6/25/08, after already successfully completing probation, acquiring a basic Post Certificate, and Intermediate Post Certificate, I was relieved of duty by the LAPD while assigned to patrol at Southwest division.

Don’t let anybody tarnish it when you know you’ve live up to your own set of ethics and personal ethos. XXXX/now a Sergeant), for kicking a suspect (excessive force) during a Use of Force while I was assigned as a patrol officer at LAPD’s Harbor Division.They stated that I had bullied a recruit, XXXX, in the academy when in reality and unfounded disposition from the official 1.28 formal complaint investigation found that I was the one who stood up for XXXX when other recruits sang nazi hitler youth songs about burning Jewish ghettos in WWII Germany where his father was a survivor of a concentration camp.How fucking dare you attempt to label me with such a nasty vile word.Now that I had confirmed it, I told XXXX not to use that word again.I explained that it was a well-known offensive word that should not be used by anyone. Officer XXXX, a friend of his, also stated that he would say nigger when he wanted.

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