Who is lou al chamaa dating freja dating

Leona Lewis’ true love is an electrician, Lou Al-Chamaa, who is a childhood friend since the age of 9, and the couple began dating at age 17. He’s my best friend and we make sure we get to spend time together when we can” she said.

“Why does everyone seem surprised we’re still together?

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He claims he owns a piece of some of her songs and should benefit financially.“This story does the rounds every now and then.” Lewis, 23, has been dating Al-Chamaa for five years and first met the 23-year-old electrician when they were nine-year-olds living on the same street in Hackney, East London.They currently share a 0,000 home in London’s Stamford Hill. She is an animal activist and running several campaigns for animal rights. She states that she will love to have one-on-one interaction with her fans.She is remarkable member and a big supporter of World Animal Protection. Once she was signing an autograph after the concert, the gunman was there to shot her but luckily she didn’t get any injury.

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