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Ley - In three-and-a-half hours, Michael Strahan of the New York football Giants may well claim the single-season NFL record for sacks.He was raised the son of an Army officer, his life one of discipline.Gastineau - When I was in the NFL, I was doing steroids, OK. And the third time, the third time was going to be, you know, in the papers and, you know, be out. Marty Lyons, former teammate of Gastineau - This is a humble way for me not to be embarrassed and not to embarrass my teammates, so I'm just going to quit. They were the Jets top draft choices in 1979, but their relationship over the years has been strained. He developed a substantial rap sheet, from drug possession to several incidents of violence against women. Lyons - When you sit and you talk with Mark and he says, you know what, when you think about the NFL and you think about the Jets, what do you remember most? Gastineau - It's a new start, and it's a fresh start, and it's something that -- I'm not going to be making ,000 a week, but still yet it's something that is a future for me. Garber - Despite past tensions, Gastineau recently reached out to Lyons, a successful broadcaster and motivational speaker. You're in a perfect opportunity, because nobody thinks you can do it. Every one of us is, you know, we're taking odds, how much longer can he go before he fails again. Ley - Now, his explanation for leaving the game back in 1988, he said he was using steroids. What's the historical hole in Gastineau's explanation? Ley - He had a particularly cruel nickname - Scarecrow, from "The Wizard of Oz," "If I Only Had a Brain." Garber - He didn't have a lot of personal confidence. Announcer - Outside The Lines is presented by State Farm Insurance. Ley - Thursday in Pasadena Miami blew out Nebraska; the 'Canes souvenir, a trophy. Tickets to the Rose Bowl game went for 0 face value and reports had scalpers dumping them for far less than face outside the game. Lisa Salters, ESPN - Before the opening kickoff at the Rose Bowl, a cat and mouse game began in the stadium parking lot.Lyons - If you tested twice and you tested a third time, you pay the price. In 1998, he was convicted of assaulting his second wife, Patricia. Kelli Rausch, sister of Mark Gastineau - The future is what we're focusing on, and the past is the past. I said, now, you can use that as a positive and prove a lot of us wrong. I'm not saying that I'm now going to be perfect for the rest of my life. Garber - It's not plausible, because in 1988 the NFL was testing for steroids informationally. He wore the Jets uniform, was he of the team though, really? When he had a decision to make, he'd take it to people in the organization. But the give and take of the entrepreneurial marketplace has limits when it comes to souvenirs, as Lisa Salters reports, even and especially when a price is too good to be true. Rocky, T-Shirt Bootlegger - Some people think of it as cat and mouse, but the thing is, everybody's got to get along to make a dollar, you know?At the time, he said he was retiring to be with Neilsen, who was thought to have ovarian cancer. I'm so thankful for Jesus Christ in my life, that he is my savior and he saved my life, you know. He is separated from Patricia and is expected to begin a new job, working for his brother-in-law at a local health club. Six weeks ago, he said that Strahan might break it big, and he didn't seem overly broken up about it. And as we continue - inside the street level battle you did not see at the Rose Bowl national championship game.Today, Gastineau insists steroids were at least an equal factor in his decision. Garber - No former teammate knows Gastineau better than Marty Lyons. After he left the Jets, he tried boxing and landed briefly in the Canadian Football League. Because of the fact that I would just beat myself up, you know, I would beat myself up every day. Gastineau - I was around the wrong people, through my choices, that I have not -- I don't have one friend my past, not one. That's what I'll probably miss, you know, is the fact that in Arizona it's really, really, really slow. Steve Rausch, brother-in-law of Mark Gastineau - Well, it's family, so, when you know that somebody's trying to better themselves, you want to give him every chance that you possibly can. That record could fall on the final Sunday of the NFL season. It was so long ago for him, I'm not sure he really cares. His teammates took on double-teams, they played the run, he got all the credit, and they're still bitter about it. The last person that whispered in his ear, that's usually the decision that he made. Garber - I think in his mind it is a sincere rehabilitation. The people close to him wonder if he's equipped to succeed. Bruce Siegal, collegiate licensing company - Their M. is typically they try to sell as much as they can, as fast as they can, before they get caught.

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Unidentified Male undercover officer - You ever been arrested before? Salters - The punishment can range from a citation to an actual arrest.But off the field, in the shadows and shades of gray that comprise real life, Mark Gastineau is fighting a battle that for him is disturbingly familiar.Greg Garber now on the man whose record, for this one day, has returned him to the game.Each of those sacks was followed by a signature dance. Garber - In 1988, Gastineau appeared on the cover of "People" magazine with his girlfriend, actress Brigitte Neilsen, although he was still married to his wife Lisa.Lisa Gastineau, former wife of Mark Gastineau - I was really destroyed. Gastineau - You tend to start thinking that there's more to life, you know.

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