Virtual 3d dating

The only way VR will truly disappear, like the ill-fated 3D TV, is if it’s no longer commercially viable.

This seems unlikely as some of the biggest companies invest in its future.

As one of the key highlights to come out of the Facebook F8 conference, not only has VR now mastered ‘presence’ (convincing the brain you’re actually there without the motion sickness) but it also has its sights set on making you feel the presence of others.

The possibilities with this are huge; from dating to interactive business meetings, and even football matches where you can feel the crowd’s excitement but skip the bad food.

Research is currently looking at how long term use can rewire the brain psycho-physiologically and there isn’t really a solid answer on whether this can be solved or what the effects could be.

As with many major advances in tech, it’s hard to turn back the clock.

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Currently the games seem more like demos and developers haven’t fully got to grips with the platform.

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