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Check out these claims and tell us if you think they seem realistic: So I’m not sure if anyone close to Pharell that written in about this.

Vashtie Kola (often stylized as Va$htie) is an American music video director, filmmaker, artist, designer, creative consultant and disc jockey.He funds a lot of her Violette line, gave her the supreme look on Karmaloop which he is creative direct of, and lets her collaborate on a lot of BBC stuff still. And its causing a rift in Helen and Pharrell’s relationship because Helen just wants her to leave her man alone and let them start a family. But did you see her at the BBC 10 year reunion – no bc Pharrell was there that would be too obvious. And while the vast majority of the public seems perplexed about what exactly it is that Vashtie does, there seem to be a laundry list of major brands who don’t have any problem identifying her talent.Not to mention throws videos her way, and connects her with huge huge brands. BBC still will blog posts about Vashtie, Vashtie stays close with BBC employees and its just like – girl move on and let Helen and Pharrell start a life together. Here are pics from this weekend, Vashtie and BBC execs at Pusha T’s store opening (who was originally Pharrell’s artist) ..subliminal tweets which she always does for Pharrell. She’s clearly a great DJ, marketer, party promoter, video director, fashion designer and Jill of all trades.In this year Kola was interviewed Sean "Diddy" Combs for Supreme Magazine, which was photographed by Terry Richardson, and was included in the Nike Destroyer Campaign alongside Dee & Ricky and Scott Campbell. Later that year, she became the first female to collaborate with Brand Jordan on her own Jordan sneaker.The shoe was offered at select boutiques nationally, most of which sold out in the first few days.

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