Updating home hub

Amazon Movies said an update was needed, Hulu said critical error and the Apps said there was network interference.Finally I thought maybe I'll try installing another country's info. Hello All, I have been going through the same bologna as all of you.All wired devices will renew their leases (set to default of 3 days) but seemingly at random none of them are connected.

Netflix said that the version we have is old, but it is the only one Samsung supplies.

Since then, we've heard that BT subscribers have continued to moan about looped reboots on the Home Hub 5 only to be largely ignored by the one-time national telco, it has been claimed.

However, on Monday, BT finally issued an update that it said would fix the flaw in its wireless router.

But the telecoms giant hadn't got back to us at time of publication.

I noticed that my Home Hub 2000 was upgraded within the past 24 hours. I also noticed the blank dial in the bottom left corner and the I am unable to click on "Modem Settings" and "Utilities", nothing happens. Finally after a new update initiated by a Bell tech, the router got updated properly.

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