Updating firmware on optical drives

Description The Bluetooth enabled controller must comply with the Basic Rate (BR) and Low Energy (LE) Combined Core Configuration Controller Parts and Host/Controller Interface (HCI) Core Configuration requirements outlined in the Compliance Bluetooth Version 4.0 specifications. Once that happens, the Lower Edge driver would either crash causing a 9F (Blue Screen) or the Wi-Fi subsystem gets into a state which requires a system reboot for the device to be functional again.Description Radios that support the Microsoft-OSG Defined Bluetooth HCI Extensions must comply with the specification and pass the related HLKWLK tests. Third Party Drivers requirement for full requirement details. In either case, the user is faced with a negative experience in their connectivity and their general system usage is disrupted.The radio must maintain on/off state across sleep and reboot. Windows 10 for desktop editions (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education) x64 Windows 10 for desktop editions (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education) x86 Windows 10 Mobile ARM Windows 10 Mobile x86 Windows Server 2016 x64 The ability to debug a USB3 system is crucial to supporting customers in the field and root-causing behavior in the kernel.Description Wideband speech enables high definition voice quality (audio is sampled at 16 KHz as opposed to only 8 KHz) for telephony audio on Windows devices when the user is communicating via a Bluetooth peripheral that also supports wideband speech. Description The following Pen device level requirement must be met and verified upon integration into a system. Requirements in this area support the debugging capability for the x HCI controller based systems via a debug registers.Bluetooth Radio Management shall only be enabled for internal Bluetooth 4.0 enabled controllers. Device: The Lower Edge driver will be able to gather dumps with 25 ms and 250 Kb size System: The system must complete the reset within 10 seconds.

The Windows Bluetooth stack shall then reinitialize the Bluetooth enabled components of the controller. Description The following Pen device level requirement must be met and verified upon integration into a system. System hardware: The system will allow for a PDLR (full device level reset). System: The System will indicate support for PDLR support.If implemented in Camera driver then the driver should be able to return the requested number of images, in order, each with varying capture parameters as instructed by the application. Touch requirements for full requirement details: Microsoft strongly recommends touch solutions capable of reporting 5 or more simultaneous contact points. Buffering requirement for full requirement details. Description The following Pen device level requirement must be met and verified upon integration into a system. If the device is accessed, it must be fully initialize before proceeding.The driver shall be able to preprogram the number of frames needed and set independent capture parameters for each frame before capture is initiated. This ensures that the platform is compatible with third party applications that rely upon touch input, and that end users are able to invoke all of the system gestures provided by Windows. The USB controller and USB devices must be fully enumerated when: Description This requirement limits the amount of memory that is reserved by the hardware (including drivers or firmware) and not available to the OS or user applications on a system.When the pixels read out from the camera sensor need to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise to display correctly, then the camera sensor’s _PLD rotation value must be set to 2 and so on. All integrated Cameras must support independent streaming between different pins and different filters (cameras) according to the capabilities listed in the Profiles advertised by the device. Description The system firmware must support booting the system DVD if the system includes a DVD.If the camera does not support Profiles, then concurrent streaming for Photo Sequence captures a sequence of photos in response to a single photo click. Custom Gestures requirement for full requirement details. The system firmware or option ROM must support the No-Emulation mode in the "El Torito" Bootable CD-ROM Format Specification, Version 1.0, for installing Windows® from optical media, such as bootable DVD media. This requirement applies to the primary optical storage and the primary bus to which the device is attached.

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