Trac updating

A number of attributes can be associated with each repository.

The attributes define the repository's location, type, name and how it is displayed in the source browser.

It is possible to define aliases of repositories, that act as "pointers" to real repositories.

This can be useful when renaming a repository, to avoid breaking links to the old name.

It appears I only have access to set to read, write and execute rights.

Does this mean I should have only execute rights for the owner?

When I set it to read and execute (but not write), this workaround worked once, but then .maintenance got deleted. The bottom line is: you need to ensure that the rights of the web user do not permit editing or deleting the file.

This may require changing group or user ownership or removing certain permissions from the web user.

Whenever a change to the database schema becomes necessary (or in fact any kind of change that requires updating existing environments) you need to provide an upgrade script.If your host provides rather lenient controls, you might consider changing ownership of the file to root, then removing all rights from it except read by everyone.This should effectively prevent the file from changing. This is to make it easier for users and developers to follow development in trunk, as they would otherwise need to perform the upgrade manually.Trac supports multiple repositories per environment, and the repositories may be for different version control system types.

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