The dating game contestants

The single-round record for Bankrupt hits is believed to be six, occurring on March 27, 1979 (Round 2); October 11, 1994 (Round 3); December 30, 2008 (Round 3, one from the Mystery Wedge); October 4, 2011 (Round 2); November 28, 2013 (Round 3); and March 18, 2015 (Round 2).Wedges with a dollar amount on them, and essentially the "meat" of the show.The original ½ Car Wedges were used for a special Road Trip week in Season 28.Similarly to the ,000 and Million-Dollar Wedges, it had a one-third-sized "Car" space surrounded by one-third-sized red 0 wedges, and a license plate-shaped "car" tag on top.

Conversely, five contestants have managed to win the car after picking up three tags.Oddly, they were also not used during the weeks of November 3, 2014; February 9 and 16, 2015; March 2, 2015; and April 27, 2015.The former three weeks were taped on-location in Hawaii, with the 9th being a couples' week, while the latter two were sponsored by Disney.Hitting the "car" space in the middle awarded the tag plus 0 per consonant; solving the puzzle allowed the contestant to keep the tag, and getting two awarded a Hyundai Accent.The ½ Car Wedges were in play from Rounds 1-3, and located over the orange 0 and blue 0 next to the red 0. The original "Car" tags were unique in that they were not lost to Bankrupts hit in subsequent rounds (but were lost to Bankrupts hit in the same round).

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