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In September of 2011, Taylor Swift had launched her first perfume Wonderstruck.Since it has been a huge success, Taylor and Elizabeth Arden Company decided to present its first flanker named Wonderstruck Enchanted.I got a headache immediately and had to wash it off.I tried to give a couple chances before giving up, but every time I was met with notes of soured fruit swimming in a smoky, medicinal, chemical mess of a base.

The fruity scent is still there, with a bit of incense, but it's sweet in a very comfortable way (not that sickening-sweet fruity scent found in some fragrances).

For a long time, I stayed away from celebrity fragrances just because there were too many mixed reviews about them, but I'm glad I've given several a try. As others have mentioned, the opening is strong and fruity (berries).

Then comes that incense that others have described.

) My favourite part is definitely the opening; the strongest part of the fragrance.

It settles down within half an hour to a medium to soft silliage where the scent becomes a lot creamier.

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