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I’m 52 now and, all these years on, menstruation is the final taboo.We will talk freely about porn, boob jobs and even female genital mutilation, but periods are still what I call a ‘silent subject’.Since we started the project, he’s admitted: ‘I’ve learned so much!’ He hadn’t realised so many women have problems in that department.If your print subscription includes digital access, you will also be able to log in to The Inquirer and Daily News replicas and using the same username and password login credentials.Be sure to remember the email address and password you select to manage your account so you'll be able to easily log in to our online services and products.They were both 13 when they started their periods — a year older than I was.I had stocked up on products beforehand and told them where they were kept.

Even friends have frowned: ‘What are you talking about that for?I explained that if they just wanted to help themselves that was fine, but if they wanted to talk to me that was also fine.Sadly, thanks to the prevalence of mobile phones, they are likely to know far more about things like internet porn than we do — so surely we should be able to broach the subject of something as normal as puberty without awkwardness.We've got so many ways for you to get off on hot phone sex … We'll connect you right now to hundreds of local women, calling from your area and all across the country.These wild babes are ready to talk about phonesex and more, meet and even get it on.

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