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Anyways, I love this game I wish that the creator will create a Roblox Top Model 2 I like this game because you can express yourself.

Even though some people only come because their friends are on it, and they want to just win because of that..

There are many play styles, like a Survivor, who only shoots if shot at, and who is always on the move to find new supplies and gear. I only hate that people always turn on me, and keep trying to kill me with weak weapons.

There might be a few Heroes, who go out of their way to help other players, or Bandits (like me) who go out to kill other players to gain loot for their raiding party. Here is a picture of me and my army (with a fleet of vehicles behind us) in Apocalypse Rising: If you don't like this game, I respect your opinion. 'Apocalypse Rising' a great title for a great game!

And also what I like about the game is that you can try to defeat your enemy with out actually killing em Very good game- LOTS of fun playing it. You have different games like capture the flag and different maps to play on, you level up and get cool weapons like the shotgun!

It’s good to kill time and it’s a really good game Cash Grab Simulator Cash Grab Simulator is simple, but fun.

But otherwise, I think it's one of the best games on ROBLOX, I really recommend it.

Phantom Forces It's unbelievable that this game is at 106.

Phantom Forces is an engaging first person shooter that requires strategy, caution, and skill.

In my opinion, it is unrivaled by any other first person shooter within Roblox.

It may be boring at the beginning, when you keep dying, but if you get good, it becomes really fun.

I feel like this deserves to be at least in the top 5, if not first.

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