Spirit filled christian dating

There’s an ongoing myth hovering around the Christian community that I’ve been wanting to address for a while.

It’s a myth that I myself believed for a long time– one that impacted my personal life, my relationships, and even my marriage.

Women who are struggling with disappointment, frustration, and bitterness stemming from the lack of initiative on the male’s part to engage in being a “spiritual leader”–namely, by way of bible study or devotions.

It’s a concept I used to believe–one that had been drilled into my brain over the course of my Christian life–and one that I would have agreed with before that conversation I had in that bistro that day.

While I’d love to go into my opinions about what headship means (totally kidding–you know I don’t want to broach that sticky topic! But the truth is, spiritual “headship” and spiritual “leadership” are two very different things that we shouldn’t get confused.

A spiritual leader is a person who lives their life in the example of Jesus Christ.

Both of those giftings reflect Jesus in different ways.

If I were to base the spiritual leadership of my husband on who initiates bible study and devotions– it wouldn’t do justice to the spiritual leadership my husband displays in all the other areas of his life.

Nothing we do to try and create “spirituality” could ever replace who we ARE when we are allowing ourselves to be continually filled by His Spirit.It’s okay and good to want spiritual leadership as you look at your life and relationships…but it’s important to know what it actually means. Spiritual Leadership is not defined by a man’s (or person’s) ability to engage us in bible study or lead in devotions.As awesome as it is for a man to pull out his bible, share some verses, or do a devotional–if you ask me, that’s not the mark of spiritual leadership, that’s a spiritual gift.What if our definition of spiritual leadership could be redefined–less by what we do and how we do it, and more by the marks of a great big God at work in our tiny little lives?By how we engage the world around us and allow God’s love to pour in and out of our lives?

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