Speed dating tokyo exeo

Furthermore, modern Japanese women are able to find well-paid careers, so their economic need for a husband is less pressing.

Yet the desire for romance means that many people are willing to pay for professional help in finding a partner.

Exeo is one company that hosts speed-dating events.

“That’s why the local governments are coming up with incentives to encourage people to get married and give birth.

The hope is that by encouraging people to date, marry and start a family, the current demographic trend leading towards a shrinking population can be arrested.

It might not seem the most obvious scheme to tackle a falling birth rate, but it has proved extremely popular, and speed dating events happen across Japan every night of the week.

Falling population And local governments in Japan are prepared to provide financial support for the businesses that organise dating events as part of its efforts to tackle what it sees as a major social problem. Schools that were once full of baby boomers are now being closed down owing to a lack of children - more than 2,000 over the past decade alone.

As the population ages, more strain is being placed on the state pension system.

They spend a long time in the office and so they have little time to invest in finding love.Exeo japan was born in the middle east asia and foreigners! Kansai Scene gate crashed an event in Osaka to find out how it all works.Kansai summertime guide, japan is a foreign designs, free! Nagoya speed dating japan speed dating site in kyoto, osaka, japan osaka, theatre and more. To find out more, KS made a date with Simon Chapman, Executive Manager of Japans most successful speed-dating company, Exeo Japan.At one event in central Tokyo, run by a firm called Exeo, 20 men and women cram into a small upstairs room in the hope of finding somebody special.Each pairing gets two minutes, before everyone swaps partners.

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