Scorpio dating site

Characteristics: fixed feminine water sign ruled by Pluto (traditionally it used to be Mars).

Scorpio connects the firmness of the fixed sign, emotionality of the water element with passion of the planet Mars and mysterious power of Pluto.

Scorpio is an eternal rebel and unrestrained individualist.

He is anxious and overly sensitive, often he undergoes tense spans and his strong need to change the things makes him behave in a destructive way.

Scorpio is characterised by tenacity, courage and good intuition but he has difficulties with finding compromises.

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He is prone to revenge and cruelty and struggles to gain the power.

Loyalty and family are very important for me, as well as communication and shared interests with my partner.

I like to spend free time in nature, camping, exploring new places, but I do not hurry to relax in a hammock or..

Scorpio usually has great regeneration skills and he can almost miraculously deal even with the stalemate situations.

He desires intense experience which leads him to radical change of his personality.

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