Rss feed not updating in outlook 2016

RSS Popper web-site The installation went in the way that most users would like it to go: in some minutes after running the installation wizard, I was informed that the add-in installed successfully.After Outlook starts, it’s no problem to find the RSS Popper menu: Well, what do we see?

By default, the add-in works in the trial mode for 30 days, but you can obtain your personal free license at any time.

In this tab I also found the filter that made me almost happy, it is the filter for duplicate items.

In this filter, two comparison options are available: treating items with any match as duplicates (following match criteria: title, link and GUID and description), and treating items with any difference as new items.

For many of us it has become a customary practice to start a day with reading world’s latest news.

I believe this tradition in some form or other has been with us since the earliest days of newspapers.

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