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They’re taken by Natalie Chitwood, the first true mom friend I made when I moved to Montclair!

This is me running through my script for the evening while Natalie tested out the positioning of our sequin-y “photo booth.” The mamas came in from a windy, spittly night for some free drinks and schmoozing before the official “dating” started.

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Hundreds of developers flood into a room with 15–20 companies and “speed date”. As an interviewer, I saw many strategies that developers took.De acordo com Carolina Marinho, 33 anos, responsável por trazer o formato para a cidade, o speed dating é basicamente um encontro (de cinco minutos) entre homens e mulheres solteiros em busca de um par para a noite, para a vida ou apenas algo casual.“As mulheres têm lugares fixos, já os homens mudam de cadeira e de parceira a cada cinco minutos – momento em que um sino é tocado e o rodízio acontece”, explica.You get 4–5 minutes with each company and then you move on. It didn’t take learn to learn which were successful.It’s an interesting concept that helps both companies and developers to see what’s out there. All in all though, Hacker X did a good job organizing the event. If I were to attend as a candidate, these are some of the things I would focus on.

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