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The RTE field in Sitecore is a little bit old fashioned and a little stricter than the most of us would like, especially when you are working with tech savvy editors who may prefer to work directly in the HTML.The current project I am working on is based on the Foundation framework and like most frameworks a lot of the features are enabled using data-* attributes.With the latest release of Firefox version 59.0, we are not able to click on tiles in a tilelist and have them navigate to the specified Navigate URL.We verified this even on the demo on the Telerik site:https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/tilelist/examples/overview/Workaround In scenarios where the Series are Column/Bar and Positive and Negative values are present, the XAxis labels are overlapped by the Series themselves.In the settings, I have scheduled it to refresh every 15 minutes, which I had assumed would trigger the visuals to update every 15 minutes with the latest data, however after a couple of hours they are still not auto-updating.The behavior described in the following KB should be fixed https:// In the meantime, you can use the workarounds from the article, or, if it fits your scenario, move to scrolling horizontally through frozen columns via the Prev/Next buttons the grid can provide.

Add id= and headers= attributes to all cells to correctly associate data cells with their respective row and column headers. I am seeing a strange problem when opening Link Manager dialog from Rad Editor. Select the "Image Manager" next to the "Back Image" textbox4. Right click on nay cell in the table and select "Cell Properties"7.

Unfortunately the Telerik controls used in Sitecore try to be super helpful and strip out any invalid XHTML.

Also unfortunately data-* attributes are HTML5, and not XHTML 😦 :p It’s possible to do this via configuration of the toolbar, but the user must manually choose to run this.

With the classic Red Dot text editor and the FCKEditor integrated with v7, special characters could be cleaned up with the HTML conversion table.

For example, an em-dash would get pasted in a “—” and we updated our on publish.

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