Questions to ask men at speed dating

‘I got ghosted almost every time girls discovered my height, or the more polite ones would say, “Oh that doesn’t matter,” then mysteriously never reply again a day later.‘In some cases we’d been messaging for a week or so, and they’d ghost me within minutes of it coming up.I was on the brink of asking him when I noticed he’d updated his profile to include his height – 5’10.I assumed this actually meant 5’8, as men often add two inches (true story, fight me) so settled on wearing my flattest shoes (Vans). Despite him being petite, it didn’t make me feel like a giant. (Sidenote: I thought the date went well but then he ghosted me. ‘I never put my height in the profile although it would make sense to do so.’ Jo uses dating apps and thinks people have a right to ask: ‘With online dating, you can’t tell from pics.’ There’s even a dating app called Type, which lets you filter for physical preferences.‘This is where Tinder and the like are probably the downfall of real adult relationships,’ says 28-year-old Raff.‘There are good and bad ways to ask,’ she tells us.‘Saying that you’re asking because you only date tall guys can sound quite rude.

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You can definitely tell someone’s figure more than their height from a photo.‘How about, “You look rather tall in your pictures, let me guess…5’11 right?? ‘You’ve got to be smooth about it.’ The key is also what you do with the height information when you have it.Oli, 26 is 5’6 and has been ghosted by girls who have asked his height on dating apps.I fell for them over stupid things, like the guy who had a ketchup bottle in the shape of a tomato sent to my work when I said how I’d always wanted one, the first guy I dated who made me mix CD upon mix CD because we bonded over our love of music, and the guy who told me his deepest, darkest secret when I was embarrassed because I was struggling to hide my depression from him.Plus, when you get to 60, are you going to still be with someone because they reach a certain measurement on a ruler, or because they light up your soul just by walking in the room?

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