Not interested in dating anymore

I was ok with it when she moved a bit further away and we lost touch for a while. ”I think at this point I need to be direct because she is not getting the hint and it would be cruel of me to continue this tactic, but I really have no clue what to say.

“” Give her the information that she needs to make good decisions about contacting you, and then block/ignore. It’s okay to give a quick “” and then move on with your day.Hanging out with them became something I did out of a sense of obligation.I felt guilty at first until I realized how much happier and calmer I was without them, and that I now had room in my life to make new friends.I’ve done a lot of work on myself since then, and I feel like a lot of the friendships I made at that time in my life are no longer fulfilling to me.I’ve purposely distanced myself from a lot of people, not because I think they’re bad, but because I now find their company totally draining.

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