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As they tried to check-in the hotel receptionist told them the credit card had been blocked.

Belmonte called his friend who had loaned him the card and was given the authorization number to complete the booking.

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Belmonte was arrested and told at the Bur Dubai Police station if he signed a statement translated from Arabic his girlfriend would be allowed to leave and not face any charges.

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Radha Stirling, from Detained in Dubai, said: 'Many people who come to Detained in Dubai seeking help have been tricked into signing false confessions.She said her son had been duped by the friend who gave him the credit card.Louise said: 'Within hours of knowing about the dispute Lucas and I paid the money to the hotels.Lucas was then repeatedly denied bail on the basis of the false confession he was made to sign in Arabic and not given access to representation and without a translation available in English he was unable to defend himself.This has led to another wrongful conviction in the UAEs unjust legal system.'One other point that Lucas's case highlights is the zeal with which International brands and law firms are willing to abuse and unfair trial process to benefit themselves and their clients.

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