Ms project start date not updating

STARVATION The new Mod Pack from SDX Team V15.2.9.15 ( A16 INFORMATION ( 49819-WIP-STARVATION-by-SDX-team&p=650538&viewfull=1#post650538) The idea is to make a mod that tries to make things harder, more interesting, but also highly rewarding later in the game.Again, this is work in progress, there may be an ocational error that we missed, and balancing problems, but I don't expect anything to bad. IMPORTANT NOTE: there are so many new things, that I strongly advise you to take a quick look at the OVERVIEW DOCUMENT ( CZZJ5ff R5E0h EFSc4YAEc-Vh Syl4Is0z6vl7pb H8/edit?usp=sharing) before playing (translated versions on second post).From this time forward, we will only provide updates via launcher (direct auto install) or github (SDX mod).So here are this available links and what they have: Client /Server Launcher ( Mcopp R3LQ3oz Yk1Lc2dsd28/view?This is just the most visible "tip of the iceberg" since we're trying to incorporate so many of our previous mods in a way that makes sense.We're refining them, adapting them as needed and even making new interesting things, hoping that in the end this package can provide an experience as interesting as possible. During this development stage we will providing the mod using our custom launcher, since there are still many things that will unavoidably change or be added/removed.

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After you configure the correct paths, all you have to do is press update if needed, or START.

usp=sharing) - this document contains an overview of the mod...

Important information, instructions and tips about mod content and functionality RUSSIAN OVERVIEW DOCUMENT ( DOzr1YUxs Uj Jn Vj FWWE0/view?

It is stongly advisable that you have a bare minimum of 8GB ram, preferably 16GB.

This post serves the purpose of explaining installation procedures.

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