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It presents films that launched the careers of several important artists and defined the 90s as a decade of when American independent film came into its own. – '90s Dance Party Celebrate at a 1990s-themed dance party. Watch the recorded Google Hangout April 23, 2015, 7 p.m.– MAM Art Talk: Byron Kim The artist speaks about his work, including his celebrated Panel discussion celebrating the publication catalogue and examining the insights and challenges inherent in creating histories of the recent past. – Panel Discussion: In the Wake of Identity Politics A scholarly symposium focused on the identity politics debates during the 1990s and beyond.

Share your favorite 1990s memory or your impressions of the exhibition with #MAM90s.

A performance by Japanese sound artist Ryoji Ikeda has also been confirmed andwill take place in April as part of an ongoing programme of performances that will be presented throughout SB11.

OFFICE Kersten Geers and David Van Severen will createa multi-site urban project.

Doug Aitken (born 1968, USA) Laylah Ali (born 1968, USA) Janine Antoni (born 1964, Bahamas) Aziz Cucher (Anthony Aziz, b. 1958 Peru) Alex Bag (born 1969, USA) Matthew Barney (born 1967, USA) Michael Ray Charles (born 1967, USA) Mark Dion (born 1961, USA) Jeanne Dunning (born 1960, USA) Andrea Fraser (born 1965, USA) Ellen Gallagher (born 1965, USA) Felix Gonzalez-Torres (born 1957 Cuba – died 1996 USA) JODI (Joan Heemskerk, b. 1965 Belgium) Glenn Kaino (born 1972, USA) Karen Kilimnik (born 1955, USA) Byron Kim (born 1961, USA) Nikki S.

Lee (born 1970, South Korea) Glenn Ligon (born 1960, USA) Sharon Lockhart (born 1964, USA) Daniel Joseph Martinez (born 1957, USA) Julie Mehretu (born 1970, Ethiopia) Mariko Mori (born 1967, Japan) Vik Muniz (born 1961, Brazil) Prema Murthy (born 1969, USA) Mark Napier (born 1961, USA) Shirin Neshat (born 1957, Iran) Mendi Keith Obadike (born 1973, USA) Manuel Ocampo (born 1965, Philippines) Catherine Opie (born 1961, USA) Gabriel Orozco (born 1962, Mexico) Pepón Osorio (born 1955, Puerto Rico) Laura Owens (born 1970, USA) Jorge Pardo (born 1963, Cuba) Jennifer Pastor (born 1965, USA) Elizabeth Peyton (born 1965, USA) Jason Rhoades (1965-2006, USA) Beverly Semmes (born 1958, USA) Shahzia Sikander (born 1969, Pakistan) Gary Simmons (born 1964, USA) Frances Stark (born 1967, USA) Diana Thater (born 1962, USA) Rirkrit Tiravanija (born 1961, Argentina) Mark Tribe (born 1966, USA) Kara Walker (born 1969, USA) Fred Wilson (born 1954, USA) Andrea Zittel (born 1965, USA) Marina Zurkow (born 1962, USA) February 11–April 15, 2015 – Come as You Are: Films of the 90s A series of six screenings of American independent films from this formative decade is being offered in partnership with the Montclair Film Festival. A live online panel discussion on the evolution of Internet art, as well as the impact of digital technology on art during and following the 1990s, featuring artists participating in the exhibition and moderated by Alexandra Schwartz.

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