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' I quietly went to jaichand and told him that my Young, lovely, loving, 24 year old wife had agreed to let him, a lowly, Third rate, 63 year old man ravage her body through out the night, in Our own marital bed ! Jaichand came back, sat in the room and started smoking A cigarette. I started getting all vessels from the room to the kitchen washing Area, knowing that she will not get any rest in the night.

My wife once Again tucked up a portion of her saree, to her petticoat on the left side, Stood at the basin on the side of the kitchen platform and started Washing the vessels.I am a 27 year old man, living in a small one Bedrrom, hall, kitchen house with my 24 year old wife anupama and our two Month old baby. They have a natural upward swing when she Walks, exciting all the men who stare at them ! Obviously, she could feel his massive erection, on her buttocks, through her Saree. Jaichand's massive hairy arms Had encircled her small body completely from both sides now ! Her big black nipples were erect To release her milk. He started playing with the other nipple, swirling it in his rough, Crude large fingers. He started Playing with them, touching them, squeezing them, pinching them and biting Them. Within the next half an hour, He had almost five large pegs. He would first squeeze them and then push his Crotch into them, thru' her saree ! It was totally black and Covered with lots of white and grey pubic hair ! I did so, while jaichand was still Playing and licking her body all over. Slowly Jaichand started moving his organ in and out of my wife's tight, virgin Anus now. Looking at an old man, ramming his rock hard, huge monstrous Organ into my small wife's tiny anus, i was excited too much ! I quickly removed all my clothes and started Masturbating myself, as he rammed f***efully into my wife !Anupama has a very Beautiful face, lovely grey eyes and a lovely voice. After thinking hard, i decided that i would be extremely polite and Apologetic to jaichand, our money lender, when he visited my office. I tried my Level best not to stare at this 63 year old lecher, feeling up my 24 Year old lovely wife. Then he put his mouth on my wife's other large nipple and started Sucking. He kept this up for the next two Minutes and then once again his arms came up and cupped her breasts. Curiously, looking at this old man playing with a Woman young enough to be his grand-daughter, i once again got an Erection ! His balls were baggy and Huge and were dangling like rubber balls beneath his massive penis ! She reached out, caught my Hands, closed her eyes tightly and waited fearfully for the onslaught of the Old b**st jaichand's gigantic organ, into her virgin, tight and unused Anus ! I could feel that he was getting a great deal of pleasure Both physically and psychologically, as just as he had fantasized, he had Not only had sex with a married woman in front of her husband but also, Taken her anal virginity - which was a bonus in his scheme of things ! Now with his passion climbing Upto peak levels, he was virtually ramming his organ into my wife's Anus. Finally after Ramming and thrusting into her for almost 10 minutes... ' And started biting her at the back when ejaculating his Semen into her.Though she would cover her breasts, correctly And tightly with the pallu of her saree, yet, due to their large size and Especially as they were full of milk, men could see them protruding and Juggling beneath her pallu as she walked. My house Would also give me an opportunity to fall at his feet and plead with Him to give me more time. At that point of time, our baby started crying in th bedroom. My wife tried to tell Him, that our baby needed that milk for the evening. He kept sucking hungrily on her nipple, while our baby Drank from her other nipple. I was Watching jaichand, suck her nipple, with some sense of fascination, which i Was confused about. He started smelling and deeply Inhaling her armpits ! I can vouch that she has a very lovely cunt which will Suck you up like a piston ! My beautiful wife, Anupama looked helplessly at me for some help. Jaichand kept pushing his organ into her virgin hole. My beautiful wife, started sweating and Bearing the pain. Now jaichand started ferociously Pushing his organ with a mighty f***e into her. My wife, anupama started screaming and sobbing loudly. She was now totally Screaming with pain and crying. My wife was sweating profusely and Turned to look at me !Jaichand came to my office, as per plan and Seated himself on the chair, opposite mine. You go and tell that scoundrel That he can have my body, for his pleasure, if thats what will satisfy him ! Without looking at my wife, encircled by the huge jaichand, i said that i Will pick up the baby. I shall wash my hands and come to feed him ' then she said To jaichand, who was still cupping her breasts, ' saabji, please.... After he had sucked off all the milk in that Breast, he triumphantly looked up at me and giggled satisfactorily ! Once again i offered to go to prison to safeguard her chastity. I am sure that they were giving out a pungent Smell, as she had not washed. ' I also came to her aid, ' yes jaichandji, Please.... It simply Would not go inside due to its massive size. She was shocked to see, that i had removed my penis Out and was slowly masturbating seeing jaichand's semen overflowing From her anus !

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