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Can’t narrow down favorite books, but three favorite authors: Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Most Memorable Assignment(s): Some memorable assignments include several trips to Ghana for my documentary thesis on an aquaponic farming business, President Obama's surprise home-visit in Omaha, and covering the tenacity of residents willing to rebuild a small Nebraska town ravaged by two tornadoes.

Perhaps my favorite was of a 6-year-old girl, who was wounded by a stray bullet on her sixth birthday.

But this entire episode, especially when juxtaposed with the response to another part of Dunham's memoir—one in which she positions herself as a sexual assault victim—also highlights some blatant sexual and political double standards.

The objective of this research project is the occurence of disordered eating in the military.

By seven, she was up and running again and just as joyful as ever.

For example, last year one student created a survey about alcohol use.

I love writing stories and coming up withdeep, controversial characters.

I spent all my spare time at work, so the only way to find someone was the Internet or a miracle.

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