Jason stratham dating

Actor Jason Statham is a complete badass, we all know that.

Often playing the role of the hero who always gets the girl, the 49-year-old Brit hasn't only shown to be charming on-screen, but off of it, too—after all, his partner is Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The Stath might be a legend in the business for his skills behind the wheel, but when it came to passing his test, he certainly didn’t impress anyone down the DVLA with the ‘bad habits’ he’d already picked up while helping his dad with the driving load on long journeys… “I failed the test two-or-three times,” he admitted to Leno.

“I’d drive to the test, fail, and then drive home.” Statham didn’t have to do too much acting in his audition for Guy Ritchie for a part in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. You’re driving your brand new Porsche around London feeling smug that you’re first big production – Lock, Stock – is currently shooting.

Statham has singlehandedly made men everywhere truly believe that they can look as handsome as he does bald, which is enough for anyone to develop a little mancrush on the guy.

Furthermore, Jason Statham has maintained a physique that few men his age are capable of keeping up, and he shared some of his fitness secrets to The ripped cons worked out with explosive strength moves but little equipment.

We’d like to think that he was forged from a strand of Chuck Norris’ hair that was fired into the heart of Krypton.

All that’s known for sure is that he started as he meant to go on: kicking, screaming and bald. Jason’s mock-auctioneer dad Barry also fancied himself as a lounge singer, and the young Stath found himself roped into the family band: Barry sang, Jason’s elder brother Lee played guitar while ‘lil Jason battered the drums. While on a family holiday, Statham spotted a guy doing a high dive and decided he fancied a crack.

The Stath’s biggest break though was a UK commercial for Kit-Kat, were he philosophically points out how daft it is knackering yourself out like the unfortunate upstream swimmer.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley could be set to marry her actor boyfriend Jason Statham this summer.

The leggy model, 26, dropped her biggest hint yet that she and Statham will finally tie the knot after admitting her personal life is about to get ‘very exciting’.

“I was on the British team travelling around the world and jumping in bed with Russian girls!

” The Stath briefly followed his dad into the duck’n’dive business, hustling dodgy wares – knock-off perfumes and jewellery - on some of London’s busiest shopping streets. ” All that hard work training for diving success might not have paid off in Olympic glory but it certainly gave The Stath an athlete’s physique, which meant he was earmarked for modeling work.

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