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White managed to set off an alarm, which Nichols attempted to dispel, using White's radio.Nichols later progressed into the courtroom where he fatally shot Barnes, as well as court reporter Julie Ann Brandau.An attorney who represented Nichols in his rape trial testified that Nichols had expressed belief that his ex-girlfriend would not testify against him and still loved him despite receiving injuries from the rape.Psychology experts were brought forward to testify that Nichols had had an abusive childhood and that his father's history of drug abuse led to Nichols abusing drugs in his adult life as well.On his way to Barnes's chambers, Nichols encountered case managers Susan Christy and Gina Clarke Thomas as well as attorney David Allman, whom he held at gunpoint and demanded directions to Barnes's location.During this time Sergeant Grantley White entered the courtroom and attempted to disarm Nichols but failed, and was forced to handcuff the others.

Smith later reported to police that she had been approached by Nichols on March 12, who forced his way into her apartment, and held her hostage at gunpoint for seven hours.

Nichols was believed to have been a suspect in the shooting death.

Police later received a 9-1-1 call from a young woman by the name of Ashley Smith, who stated that Nichols was at her Duluth, Georgia apartment.

He later fatally shot Sergeant Hoyt Teasley while escaping from the courthouse.

Nichols car-jacked several vehicles during his escape and was featured on America's Most Wanted during his manhunt.

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