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"His first game, we found a tin of mints and ever since then it’s been alternating back and forth, buying mints for each other and sharing it as a joke.We’d end up going through a whole tin every game," said Beaudry.Adam Herold, a few days shy of his 17th birthday, was the youngest to die in the crash.

The book looks at many black artists' desire to gain freedom from overt racial representation, as well as their efforts—and those of their advocates—to further that aim through public exhibition. More This book explores the year 1971, when two exhibitions opened that brought modernist painting and sculpture into the burning heart of United States cultural politics: Contemporary Black Artists in America, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and The De Luxe Show, a racially integrated abstract art exhibition presented in a renovated movie theater in a Houston ghetto.Nick Shumlanski, the only one of the 14 injured in the crash to be released from hospital, attended the vigil wearing his white, green and yellow team jersey, an obvious bruise under his left eye.Sunday’s vigil took place the same night as Game 6 was scheduled to be played with the Nipawin Hawks in the Humboldt rink.More names were confirmed of those killed early Friday evening at an east-central Saskatchewan highway intersection.Scott Thomas remembered his 18-year-old son, defenceman Evan Thomas, as a strong athlete.

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