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But the problem, as I see it, is that none of these very well-meaning people address what happens when friend-flings don’t go as planned.

Sure, maybe you’ll kiss your BFF one night and then spend the next 50 years snuggling by the fire feeding each other bonbons and laughing with your heads thrown back in triumph.

You may be searching for a soulmate, while he's simply looking for a hookup.— If he lies to you about his age, job, or intentions, you don't have basis for challenging his answers or guarding your heart against his deception.— He could be the next Dexter. It's too close to Halloween not to make a serial killer joke!

)The pros of dating an acquaintance— Whether through a friend or your own observations, you have a guarantee that this guy is cute and—bonus!

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A date takes it to a new level," says Rhodes, author of The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match, to be published in April.

Everyone is always telling me that the best relationships start off as friendships.

I hear it from my mom, I hear it from my girlfriends, I hear it from my teachers, my counselors, my coaches, and every once in a while I even hear it from a nosy dental assistant who is way too invested in my (lack of) love life. It makes total sense that a meaningful, beautiful relationship could bloom out of honesty, laughter, and late night Netflix binges.

a situation in which two friends* partake in activities (such as movies, coffee, walk on the beach) that have the appearance of a regular date, but have no romantic intentions.

The people behind Hinge (the dating app that connects you with friends of friends via Facebook) conducted a survey to see why, exactly, it might be better to date a friend of a friend than a complete stranger. People who aren't connected to you at all are more likely to lie—about their job, their intentions, or even their age: Someone you know even casually—or someone for whom a friend can vouch—is more likely to pick up the tab and ask for that second date. The cons of dating a stranger— When their in-person physique doesn't match their online profile picture, it can be hard to mask your disappointment.— You can't possibly know enough about each other to infer whether you're on the date for the same reasons.

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