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For many of us, it had been some time since we had even thought of it, much less revisited it.

In May 2003 a new service called Genes Reunited, was launched which allows people to build their family trees on line and search other people's in the hope for matches.Friends Reunited branding was attached to CD collections of nostalgic popular music, and television programmes broadcast on the ITV network, which owned the site until August 2009.A book of members' stories was published in 2003 by Virgin Books, and a song about (and named after) the site was released by The Hussys in 2006.In 2005, Pankhurst sold the site to ITV for £175m, but ITV was late in arriving to a party at which most of the guests were already departing for a better soiree elsewhere down the information superhighway.The TV channel cut its losses four years later, and sold the site to DC Thomson for £25m.

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