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She is either playing a video game, or setting me up for a really sexy cuck roleplay.

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Her[]: 13 Her[]: 14 Her[]: 15 Her[]: 16 Her[]: Baby?

I wait for another text, knowing she'll catch on that I still think she is a little too discreet.

I have this sudden glimpse of running home and fucking her right away, but I decide to let it play out.

Her[]: You're great..his cock was so much bigger than yours.

I almost blow my load right there, barely able to hold back. I can only stroke a little at a time or I'll buckle over and shoot cum everywhere. Her[]: He got back inside me while u were probably off stroking ur little dick Me[]: Little? She doesn't play the humiliation act often, but she is laying it on thick this time. She really wants me to listen to her ride a fat cock?

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