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Words are powerful, and you can learn a lot about an individual from a single statement, just like you would from an elevator speech.

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Having two distinct large groups that Compu Date can market its services to indicates an exciting market opportunity.

He shared a number of thought-provoking insights about the old, worn out elevator speech. When someone asks, "what do you do," start with a short statement designed to peak their curiosity.

The more you give to the world, the more the world gives back.

Speed networking is like speed dating for professionals.

Since the 1950s, sales trainers from all over the planet have pushed the elevator speech as the secret to business networking. "The elevator speech is dead, or at least it should be," says Cliff Suttle, author of .

"Elevator speeches are too long, too boring, and too pushy." An elevator speech is a pre-planned 30-second-to-two-minute response to the question "so what do you do?

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