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The dual optic system will unfold in a controlled manner as I previously described.Viscoelastic removal can be accomplished by whatever technique you are most comfortable with to ensure all the viscoelastic is removed at the end of the surgery.A precise smaller rhexis, thorough cortical clean-up and capsular rhexis polishing in addition to careful controlled implantation make utilization of this lens more challenging but offer the potential for greater postoperative rewards with higher percentages of spectacle independence, Dr.Ossma-Gomez has broad familiarity with this lens and gives his tips and pearls for maximizing outcomes.Likewise, contrast sensitivity was higher in all lighting situations at all frequencies in the Synchrony than the Re STOR.That’s not to say the Synchrony is without potential side effects.There are several pearls to implanting this lens correctly: A well-centered rhexis of 4.5 mm-5.5 mm is necessary to have a complete overlap around the anterior lens optic.

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Several hypotheses have been put forward to explain the low posterior capsule opacification (PCO) rates with this lens.

I find it’s easiest to achieve this by making the incision on the steepest axis to limit the amount of surgically induced astigmatism.

Then the lens is delivered inside the capsular bag.

Synchrony comes in a pre-loaded injector designed to be implanted through a 3.8 mm incision.

This injector system is intuitive to use and allows for controlled implantation of the lens into the bag.

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