Drake dating bria myles

As dancers we always get slack once the guy starts to care about you and want to take things a step further.” It’s unclear how things went between Serena and Drake, but the rapper gushed over the tennis star when speaking to Complex: “I really, really love and care for Serena Williams. There were rumors that they fell out over homeboy wearing colored contacts…but that sounds pretty ridiculous so we’ll just say they realized they weren’t really all that compatible. This is the text that will appear on the about page and should be a description of what this topic is.The two were in a relationship that lasted a short time, but Michel claimed he wasn’t fond of her stripping for a living and things ended from there: “Honestly, from what I heard it was ….it’s always this way with dancing and that’s why it’s so hard for dancers to take relationships seriously because everything is fine when it just fun but once the guy starts to really care about you, oh, it’s his friends. The pictures of them canoodling in the club definitely made that clear.

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