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Its been nearly 3 months since NO MAN'S SKY came nearly 2 months since Sean Murray has tweeted.So when a tweet saying No Man's Sky was a mistake appeared on Hello Games's twitter feed, everyone jumped on it to find out what was going everyone got different answers.Especially if it is a massive content update Bungie and Ubi soft never went radio silent. First sad part being, the shills didn't think twice exploiting the Trust they had gained.They kept in touch with their communities to make the games not only what they wanted it to be but better in terms in quality of life, weapon balancing and over all sandbox and in game mechanics. I have read that email and no troll would blame the community for Murray promising features that were only in his mind.The hacker sent emails to loads of journalists that told a different story, using a Hello Games email account that he'd hacked. Hiring PR people is too big an issue to be a fucking bulletpoint on the latestpatch. They beed to come oit and present a roadmap for promised and undelivered promises. They need to develop a better random creature generator that includes at least what was shown in the trailers.They need to do so much actual development that bugfixes really don't make a this technically speaking no man sky was a failure yes but wasn't both sides fault like both sony charging 60 dollars for this indie game while the hello games were apparently not prepared to designed this game Schinak wait minitue so let me get this straight you are telling me that both Hello games and sean both agreed to charge this game for 60 dollars i call bullshit on that because that doesn't make any sense especially for this type of game To be fair, if you don't agree with those statements, you can consider yourself apart from the we.The claims made by Murray, the gameplay videos, screenshots and trailers - none of that was representative of the final game.

Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright has been committed. I gotta say, Sean and Hello Games are still a step way up above from Digital Homicide.

I'm sure, though, that you would find it absolutely hilarious if somebody hacked your You Tube account and started posting videos making fun of your fixation with No Man's Sky. Patrick Wise lol probably didn't know that contraction existed.

That or the tool doesn't understand we don't reread, or go through spell checks on a post cause it's not that big of a deal.

Perhaps I should have started a new paragraph, about the tiresome constant drip feed of non-news as the slimmest reason by the larger You Tube channels, of using anything NMS being an excuse to keep fuelling the hate train.

Matt, I don't think you're being fair saying they've done nothing post launch - they patched the game up real good in less than two weeks, and they confirmed they're working on new content and they'd rather show than tell - telling rather than showing got them into this mess in the first place.

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