Dating the enemy online

April 15 is celebrated as Electronic Warfare (EW) Specialist Day in Russia.

dating the enemy online-4

An electronic warfare system is a major element of the military organization of a state and an integral part of all armed conflicts of the past few years and has proven its efficiency in the Russian air task force’s operation in Syria.The platform was previously operated manually whereas the Krasukha-4 implements the principle: “don’t interfere with military hardware and it won’t let you down,” i.e.the operator’s role boils down to the role of an observer while centralized automated control is the technology’s main operation regime.The data appearing on the warship’s radars put the crew at a loss: the aircraft would now and then disappear from radar screens or suddenly change its location and speed or create electronic clones of additional targets while the destroyer’s information and weaponry control combat systems were actually disabled.Considering that the warship was in the Black Sea some 12,000 kilometers away from the US territory, it was not difficult to imagine what the destroyer’s crew felt.

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