Dating site merchant account

At CDKPay, we help you prevent chargebacks by monitoring and preventing fraud from happening, helping you to successfully process payments through your online dating merchant account.

CDKPay has a robust package of fraud and risk management features.

Online dating websites are susceptible to these charges, making a secure e-commerce service even more important.

For high risk online merchants, we provide a secure means for customers to pay via credit card.

The growth of this industry creates significant opportunity for your site.

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Persistent problems can even cause you to lose your account.Getting approved for an online dating account will not help if you have to pay ridiculously high rates.CDKPay has established relationships with the right banks to bring you affordable rates.This .1 billion online dating business offers enormous potential but retains its high risk status, making e-commerce nearly impossible through traditional bank services.Merchant chargebacks occur when a customer returns or disputes a merchandise or service charge, leading to a charge by the credit card processor to your merchant account; the higher the number of chargebacks, the more likely you are to be considered high risk.

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