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While its founder says it benefits women and leads to at least two successful marriages every week, a dating website that helps Muslim men find “second wives” is drawing criticism both in the United States and abroad.Founded by 34-year-old British-born entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala, Second functions like any other dating service – with users filling out a questionnaire about their interests and posting photos of themselves in the hopes of finding a match – except the site is meant for married Muslim men looking to start a polygamous marriage.There are some telltale signs, she added, that women can look for when trying to look for a husband: Be wary of men who already have multiple wives or many children, stay away from men who just want young wives, know that these marriages are against the civil law of the land and draw up a contract with their husband-to-be.“If it is illegal it is ripe for abuses,” Bennion added.Mediha Sandhu, a 33-year-old visibly Muslim woman, told"They wanted to have inappropriate conversations and or share pictures or videos of sexual nature, and to try to 'corrupt the hijabi' because they saw it as a challenge," Sandhu noted about the men she spoke to on Muslim dating platforms.

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Despite many imams refusing to perform second marriages and the practice of having a polygamous family is rare among more mainstream Muslims, polygamy is considered permissible in Islam. People cannot be collected like ornaments.” In the U.For AK*, a 25-year-old Muslim woman from Chicago, her experience on OKCupid was an interesting one."I don't get a lot of Islamophobia unless I tell people that I'm Muslim, since I'm white and don't wear hijab.Although there are a number of dating apps and sites specifically for American Muslims — Minder, Ishqr, Salaam Swipe and the ever-present — they're not the only ones utilized by young Muslims looking for of harassment and sexism on dating apps simply because they're women — venture into the dating market?Regardless of whether you're "visibly Muslim" thanks to a headscarf, the experience can be a crapshoot, particularly with attitudes toward Muslims being what they are today.

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