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DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF THIS LESSON Bible: 1 Corinthians -13 Bottom Line: Temptation happens, but with God, you can remain faithful.

‘AWESOME’ PRIZES such as a dollar bill, gift card for , candy: enough for each youth to choose a prize. The ‘Awesome prize’ box Bell or buzzer Trivia questions (app such as Trivia Crack works) Index cards for each youth Pens Today we are going to play a game called “Temptation”, and for each round, send one member from your team to the table to answer a question.

We’ve all known people who do one small thing that then leads to another small thing, and another until the problem gets to be really big.They write down their answers, trying to sweep the girl off her feet with romance. You read their answers out loud (they aren't speaking in order that their voice doesn't give them away). Any addict will tell you that it started with just one.But God wants to offer you a way out before that snowball starts, and it really does require you to be honest with yourself and honest with God.

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