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To a great extent this love of the male form and lover was a consequence of Humanist studies which formed the core of Renaissance though.

around this time, scholars, painters and sculptors were rediscovering the classical Greek texts and philosophies which are replete with many instances of positive, creative and sexual bonding between men.

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1532 the Holy Roman Empire made sodomy punishable by death.[29] The following year King Henry VIII passed the Buggery Act 1533 making all male-male sexual activity punishable by death.

The Renaissance in the history of the world, especially the western hemisphere, is seen as a time which turned the course of human civilization.

It marks the transition between medievalism and modernity through a rediscovery of the arts, culture, science and other knowledge systems of classical culture which in turn enable human thought to chart new territories.

The two men tried to keep their affair discreet, but news of it leaked out and Isabella supported by the barons of England, initiated a revolt against Edward II.

This eventually ended with both Edward and Despenser's deaths – in a slow, horrific manner as was common punishment for sodomy or homosexuality in the times.

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