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1 Get fairy tales and storybooks in Russian on Amazon or from your local library Children love shared reading time and regardless of language acquisition they will always remember the time they spent with you reading books. Look at the pictures with your child, point to things they already know in Russian.

As you come across new words ask the child what they think it is.

Kids can figure out the story visually without worrying about not understanding every word.

It’s easy to buy DVDs from Amazon in almost any language or, alternatively, look for them on You Tube.

Ask your child the names of the animals he/she has learned and point out the new ones.

This is a great place to add in adjectives and colours.

Help your child to use his/her imagination to change the story or change the ending.They also learn rules of play, understanding goals and of course, that family games equal FUN!6 Play games by using flashcard games e.g.: Go fish, memory game Flashcards are one of your most valuable resources in teaching language to young children.With multiples of the same cards you can play well-known games such as Go Fish or the ‘memory game’.Very small children may struggle to hold too many cards, so play games that have the child match one card to another.

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