Dating after filing for divorce in georgia datingmexicanwoman com

However, it is not relevant in determining the amount of alimony. E.2nd 387 (1967) (conduct is not relevant in determining the amount of alimony - alimony should never be awarded to punish for misconduct). As noted, conduct is relevant in considering the division of assets.Many child custody attorneys would likely suggest that divorcing parents not start dating before a divorce and child custody agreement is finalized.In addition to the implication that the parent is ready to move on before his or her marriage is technically over, single parents must walk a careful line about how to include their children in the new relationship.What would you do, for example, if you came across a soon-to-be ex's online profile and he or she doesn't mention that he or she has children?When it comes to child custody, Georgia law requires that child custody decisions be based on the best interest of the child.

Unlike in the context of alimony, adultery is not a bar to property division. However, as a practical matter, most judges and jurors will not care too much about post separation dating if there is no evidence the affair was going on prior to separation. If this information is on an online profile, it can be brought into court as evidence.Child custody can be extremely difficult to navigate alone and any parent looking to preserve a relationship with his or her child should work closely with a child custody attorney to protect his or her rights to his or her children.In Georgia, any assets (belongings or money) and debts that were amassed during the marriage will be divided , or fairly.(This does not necessarily mean equally.) Keep in mind that if one spouse inherited property during the marriage or was given gifts during the marriage, these are not considered community or marital property.

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