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Good health care means Canadian girls can get access to free or low cost birth control or any other contraception products or services. Free health care also means that Canadian girls can easily seek treatment or take precaution when it comes to sexual transmitted diseases.

El presente estudio tuvo como objetivos: a) examinar las tasas de prevalencia y la frecuencia de la victimización de la violencia en parejas en una muestra representativa de adolescentes de Secundaria de Quebec y b) explorar diferencias por sexo en esas tasas, así como en el impacto percibido de la victimización.Laura: So let me get this straight…you are on a date, and you know the person since you are having dinner together. If you want to use the bathroom five times, you do so. MR: Do you follow rules about more-than kissing after a first date? While not all American girls are rude, they certainly do not hold the grace and charm of the Canadians.I have had many dates in which I felt that the American women could have been more grateful or thankful for the effort I put into the planning.

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