Current recordset does not support updating vbscript

Third, it can be used as an XML data binding engine.

In this case, users generate classes specific to the data in an XML document or database table(s).

This provides a way to transfer data between XML and a database, using Recordsets as intermediate objects. The first part maps the XML in the second part to the Recordset.Mappings can also include data processing functions, which can transform the data during transfer.Standard function libraries, as well as the ability to chain and build new functions, are included.(Note that this uses a slightly different syntax from the annotated schemas used by Microsoft SQL Server.) One nice thing about ADO's use of XML is that a tree of nested elements is opened as a tree of nested Recordsets and vice versa.If the Recordset contains pending updates, deletes, or inserts, these are specifically flagged in the XML document with ADO-specific tags.

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