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I disagree with the conclusion that Google gives weight to keywords to domain names.

If you came across two domains that you liked, all else equal, the keywords with the higher search volumes might be a better choice.

They are generic enough to rank well for the keyword term, yet contain just enough branding difference to be memorable. By registering or buying the cheaper or equivilent, building out the site, and ranking well for the keyword net, or org, you increase the value of the domain name markedly.

There is another advantage for SEOs in the domain space. Keyword can sell for millions of dollars, depending on the domain name. Sure, you're one step away from pure domaineering and you still have Google to contend with, but you'll be head and shoulders above those who are undervaluing these names.

Finally, such a name retains an element of unique branding.

These types of domain names score high on the rank-ability and link-ability meter.

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