Consolidating securities

See also: Understanding the three variants of cloud security Workplace mobility is enabling employees to access corporate resources on networks or cloud-based applications from anywhere in the world and on any device.As a result, employees and data have left the network perimeter that has traditionally safeguarded organisations — and vendors of those traditional safeguards are struggling to cope in this new world of IT.As more and more business is done in the cloud, it makes sense to place security in the cloud, too.Manual patching, hardware management, and software updates are quickly becoming a thing of the past – as are the boxes themselves One company — Blue Coat — has been both the acquirer and the acquired.Industry heavyweights like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP are investing massively in their own cloud offerings, and there is a growing market for cloud-only apps, led by trailblazers like Salesforce.Meanwhile, the volume of Internet-enabled devices continues to grow.All this activity raises the question: what’s driving this market consolidation?

The objective of the Securities and Exchange Commission rule was to end what was viewed as restraint of desirable competition that would more than compensate for any cost saving resulting from consolidation.Cyber criminals, knowing that users have left the security perimeter and taken their devices and data with them, are looking to exploit gaps in security and catch poorly protected off-network employees.At the same time, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and more targeted.They’re also hiding behind stealth technologies and SSL encryption, or even morphing to evade discovery.These techniques have rendered conventional signature-based detection ineffective, and the security market has been developing new techniques for dealing with more advanced, and more persistent, threats.

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