Confessions of a cougar dating younger men updating excel sheet

In my generation, a small pubic trim was polite – though you wouldn’t run for your life if a full, 70s-style pubic ‘fro sprung out of the boxers. It was certainly very, um, fresh.” Rebekah, 36, with a 26-year-old “I thought that dating a man five years younger would mean frantic, ridiculous, every-minute-possible sex. He gets anxious that he might not be able to get hard (often self-fulfilling), and it can take him a long time to come – if at all.But this guy’s balls, armpits, legs and chest were all shaved, or waxed, or… For us, it’s often about finding pleasure outside of intercourse.” Cara, 28, with a 23-year-old “The let down of sleeping with younger men is their determination not to wear a condom.“There’s an eleven-year age difference between us and the bedroom is incredible, the body is incredible. He got so drunk at a friend’s housewarming that he wet himself in her living room.And it’s hard not to get jealous when all the other women he socialises with are a decade younger than you.The whole, ' Oh, she won’t notice/mind if I just stick it in.' If I mention the C-word, it’s treated with the repulsion of a non-fish-eater finding an anchovy on their pizza; I’ve had guys beg and plead.

You can purchase "Confessions of a Reformed Cougar" in e-book and paperback format.

“Coming out of a 12-year relationship, cougar sex is a breath of fresh air to just f***. It's great having sex with someone I’m lusting after instead of someone I’ve been living with for years. Also the stamina – particularly the sheer volume of food required maintaining it.

It doesn’t mean much, but it’s the best antidote to the boredom of sorting my divorce.” Helen, 43, with a 32-year-old. For three years I was in a relationship with an eight-year age gap, starting when he was 23 and I was 31.

When she is creating, she isn’t a love-starved, abused housewife. She also spends a great deal of time at art festivals, museums or art galleries. She exudes class and sophistication but she has a mouth like a drunken sailor or better yet, a marine drill sergeant.

In Volume 2: "Younger Isn't Necessarily Better," Janet decides to explore other dating options with some interesting and entertaining results... Volume 3: "The Second time is the Charm was released April 11, 2016.

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