Comodo antivirus not updating

It is designed to restrict the actions of unknown applications, and restrict access to important files, folders, settings and the Windows Registry.

Defense by default refuses any unknown program to install or execute except when specifically allowed by the user or when the file appears on Comodo's whitelist.

The Geek Buddy service fixes any problem, security or otherwise, using remote assistance.

A Virus-Free Guarantee reimburses you for damage if malware gets past Comodo; you can also get reimbursed for expenses related to identity theft.

Comodo Internet Security 2013 was tested on Windows 7 SP1 with Internet Explorer 9 and passed 101 out of 110 tests (92%).

Now, even though it supports Windows 10, there seems to be a bag of issues and it looks like the collaboration between the two isn’t exactly at top-notch standards.

Well, not exactly a sec, since it will take some time.

Three years and three version later, Comodo Antivirus results became significantly better.

Please postpone the Windows update until you have made this check. If you are running one of the latest versions listed above, please feel free to continue with the Windows 'Creator' upgrade.

If you are running an older version then please see the following guidance: How do I update my Comodo product to the latest version?

I start to update, but then it tells me that it has failed and to check the internet connection.

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