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The shows from this period onward tend to be hit-and-miss as a result, as far as sales success go.

After nearly five years of in-house work, Kyo Ani returned to adapting outside series, with Shouji Gato's by Ayano Takeda, the latter of which got a second season airing at the end of 2016.

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Since I’d quite enjoyed the first half of the Campione anime and was a huge Fate fan I thought 'why not'.I've been reading Fan Fictions for years now and even written a few incomplete ones on paper.Now i've finally gotten round to writing one on the my computer and have decided to put it up for everyone to have a read.Despite what their name might suggest, they aren't based in Kyoto, but in Uji, a different town in Kyoto Prefecture.(Game) Xin Nightmare v0.2 (English) Overview: If one day a giant bear enters to eat you to devour you, do not worry because you have not gone mad; you have only become a most delicious breakfast.

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    Vous en rêviez, ils l'ont fait : une version "Friends" du Monopoly est désormais disponible !

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