Christian dating a buddhist

Isn't buddhism more like an opinion and teaching of what one man once pondered about. Purely a man who some followed and a philosophy who grew bigger as time passed by.

Thus being a buddhist isn't really going against God, right?

I recently found myself at her fathers house on a sunday for bible study.

While they were reading, so many doubts and questions came into my head.

It shouldn't because religion is a thing that connects people instead of driving them apart.

We did, and he wants us to get married, and in the mean time, wants to educate me on Christianity with the hopes of me converting. In one hand, I do love her and am willing to convert if need be.

But if he is truly a good Christian he will accept your decision, yet won't give up on you.

Were you wrong to decline her invitation to come to her dad's?

But then again, I am not certain about this and I could very well be wrong.

I'm saddened that such a thing as religion was near to ending it between you and your lady.

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